About the Special Stars scholarship program:

The YMS Special Stars Scholarship program was created for two main reasons.

First, we wanted a way to give back to the Pal’s for all they do for this program. I think everyone would agree that the “secret sauce” behind the program are these fantastic young adults. Week in and week out they work with our Stars to help them learn and enjoy the game of soccer. I am not sure who smiles more, the Stars or the Pal's, with that being said, we have asked local businesses and people to recognize the value these people provide to the program. They do not get paid, most commit to a weekly basis or at least any Sunday they have free, based on their sports and working schedules.

Secondly, we love to hear how this program impacts the PAL’s and Coaches who help out. I mentioned in the first reason that it is often hard to tell who is having more fun, the Pal’s or the Star’s. This allows us to better understand what our staff gets out of this. When Joy and I started the YMS Special Stars, it was very important to us that part of this program was to help the community get better educated about Autism and how they can help.

If you get a chance to read through these essays’, you will learn a lot... but by the Pal’s not the Star’s. If you are a local business or an individual that would like to help us with our Scholarship money, we are more than happy to take any contributions, as small or as large as you would like to offer. We are extremely proud of this program and would like to continue to reward these great young adults with as many scholarships as we can find. Thank You!

The YMS Special Stars Board of Directors

Last seasons scholarship winners:

  • Zachary Moonay
  • Miles Borowsky
  • Ethan Borowsky
  • Emma Garry

Links to winning essays coming soon ...